Police Officers


  • Police officers walk beats, ride bicycles and drive in police cars to help fight crime and keep people safe.  They also enforce laws and try to find people who are lost.
  • Officers will drive around and check neighborhoods along with businesses to make sure no crimes are being committed.  They could be flagged down by a person who needs help or be alerted to a call over the radio by dispatch.  When you call 911 a dispatcher will tell an officer where to go and what kind of emergency it is.
  • Officers enforce traffic laws such as speeding, seatbelt usage and cars not having headlights on in the dark.  The officer will use the police car’s lights and siren to pull a car over and tell the driver what was wrong, to keep the roads safe.
  • When a crime has happened, an officer is normally the first person on the scene.  That officer will talk to witnesses and collect evidence to pass on to the detectives to help solve the crime.
  • Officers in Country Club Hills wear black uniforms and carry items on their belts like flashlights and handcuffs to help them catch criminals.